Prof dr Alfred Pritz

Born 1952 in Austria, Ph.D in Psychopathology and Pedagogics in Salzburg.
Trained in several psychotherapeutic methods (client-centered psychotherapy, gestalttherapy, psychoanalysis and grouptherapy).
Full professor and rector at the Sigmund Freud University.
President of the World Council for Psychotherapy. Collaborator for the Austrian law for Psychotherapy and advisor in some European ministeries.
Author and publisher of about 20 books on psychotherapy, for example:
“Globalized psychotherapy”, Facultas, Vienna, Austria 2002 (in English)
“Dictionary of Psychotherapy”, Springer, 2000, Vienna (in German, 2010 in Spanish)
“Psychotherapy Research, Foundations, Process, and Outcome”, Springer, 2015, Vienna
Decorated by the Republic of Austria and the City of Vienna.